Pit Mix Fix

Pit Mix Fix - Indianapolis Pilot Program

Solution to Overpopulation

Our city’s shelter, Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS), is an open-intake shelter, with the responsibility of intaking every unwanted animal that arrives at its doors. There are two types of animals that are overrepresented and at most risk of euthanasia due to lack of quality homes – cats and large dogs, including pit mixes. Pet Friendly Services of Indiana has been working to limit cat intake at IACS and is now launching a program to help large dogs.

Pit Mixes are mixed breed dogs that are descendants of terriers and bulldogs. Their general appearance includes:

  • A broad, blocky head with medium-sized, folded ears
  • Stocky, well-muscled body, weighing up to 80 lbs.
  • A very short coat in a variety of patterns


Rather than continuously working to address overpopulation, Pet Friendly Services works to prevent overpopulation. Here’s what we are doing for cats, and here’s where we need your help to save the lives of large dogs:

  1. Cats – To limit the intake of cats at IACS, Pet Friendly Services of Indiana provides $25 surgery certificates to limited-income cat owners so they can afford to fix their pets and avoid unwanted litters. We also provide free surgery certificates to groups like Indy Neighborhood Cats, who trap-neuter-return feral and free roaming cats. These preventive programs have been incredibly impactful, saving lives, saving money, and reducing the burden on shelter staff.

  2. Pit Mixes and other Large Dogs – IACS has an ongoing challenge: the shelter is full of large dogs, but the demand for these types of pets is minimal. Most adopters are looking for small and medium-sized dogs, which fly out of the shelter and into their forever homes. But large dogs are another story. They are strong, and they require adequate space and a good-sized yard. They cost more to feed, and their lifespan is shorter than smaller dogs. These are a few of the drawbacks adopters take into consideration.

What’s the Solution? To solve this problem, Pet Friendly Services has launched a pilot program for Marion County residents in zip codes 46221 and 46241. These zip codes have been on IACS’ “top 10” intake list for more than a decade! The program offers limited-income owners of pit mixes and other large dogs $10 spay/neuter surgeries.

The Investment: Pet Friendly Services has raised $20,000 to fix 150 dogs at an average cost of $133 per surgery. Pet owners can utilize any of the local vets in our statewide network to schedule their surgeries.

Let’s Take a Look at the Math:

Using conservative data to determine the number of puppies a single female might produce, let’s assume:

7 puppies per litter
2 litters per year
3 years of breeding before she is spayed
= 42 puppies (intact and able to breed)

Assuming that half of the 150 dogs fixed through the Pit Mix Fix are female:        

75 females x 42 puppies per dog = 3,150 births prevented

With an investment of $20,000, the cost to prevent a birth is just $6.35

This Investment Will Pay Dividends. Here’s Why: Large dogs tend to have lots of puppies. Pit bull terriers can have up to 13 puppies in a single litter. With a gestation period of just two months, females can have 2-3 litters per year.

How You Can Help: Pet Friendly Services invites you to help fund the Pit Fix Mix program. A sponsorship of $20,000 expands the program into two additional zip codes on the “top 10” intake list. Your gift of $10,000 funds 75 dogs. A contribution of $5,000 funds 37 dogs. A donation of $133 fixes one dog.

Saving Lives & Preventing Suffering

Our mission is to eliminate the euthanasia of healthy and treatable cats and dogs, bringing every shelter in Indiana to zero-kill. We are so grateful to our donors and supporters who help make that possible. Help us, help them, and join the movement to make a difference for Indiana’s cats and dogs!

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