Vet Reimbursement

Use our online reimbursement form to quickly and easily be reimbursed for your life-saving work.

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana – Reimbursement Rates for Private-Practice Veterinarians as of 9/1/2021

Dog - Certificates dated through 8/31/2021

Pet Type1 – 40 lbs.41-99 lbs.100+ lbs.Pregnant/In-Heat
Male Dog (Canine)$70.00$70.00$70.00N/A
Female Dog (Canine)$90.00$90.00$90.00$20.00 +

Dog - Certificates dated from 9/1/2021

Pet Type1 – 40 lbs.41 – 99 lbs.100+ lbs.Pregnant/In-Heat
Male Dog (Canine)$90.00$110.00$130.00N/A
Female Dog (Canine)$110.00$130.00$150.00$30.00 +

Cat Certificates

Pet TypeAll
Male Cat (Feline)$55.00
Female Cat (Feline)$70.00
Female Cat (Feline) - Pregnant/In Heat$90.00
Community Cat (feral): Male/Female Includes Rabies vaccine & Ear Tip*$90.00
Community Cat (feral): Pregnant Female Includes Rabies vaccine & Ear Tip*$110.00

*Special Circumstances: Pet Friendly Services will reimburse at clinic’s published rate: Cryptorchid, Pyometra

If your clinic is not listed, please contact Pet Friendly Services at