Be Pet Friendly Forever

Your support of Pet Friendly Services has already made you a hero to cats and dogs in Indiana. With your help, more animals are finding loving, caring homes. Together, we’re saving more lives and getting closer to ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets. Your love of animals, shown in your actions, has meant the difference between life and death to so many of them.

Your work can continue for years into the future by joining Pet Friendly Forever, a legacy group of individuals who have included Pet Friendly Services of Indiana in their estate plans. In doing so, you’ll be helping more animals live in homes where they feel loved and cared for, instead of spending their final days alone in a shelter.

For the purpose of including Pet Friendly Services in your will or trust, please provide your financial or legal advisor with the following information (take special note of our legal name):

Legal Name: Spay-Neuter Services, Inc.
1100 W. 42nd Street, Suite 205, Indianapolis, IN 46208
Federal Tax ID Number:

Benefits and Recognition

As a member of Pet Friendly Forever, you will enjoy:

  • The satisfaction of making a gift that will ensure the lifesaving work of Pet Friendly Services will continue into the future

If you have joined Pet Friendly Forever by leaving a legacy gift, or if you are considering it,  please let us know by taking this short survey. It will help us improve our communications with you and plan for the future.

A Gift In Your Will

The simplest way to leave a planned gift is to make a bequest that names Spay-Neuter Services as the recipient of a charitable gift in your will or living trust. You may contribute a specific dollar amount, or a percentage of the rest, residue and remainder of your estate.

Here is sample Bequest Language:
“I do hereby give and bequeath the sum of $_______ . ____ OR written ________ percent (___%) of the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to Spay-Neuter Services, Inc., an Indiana Inc not-for-profit corporation and internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) public charity.” Optional: Gift restrictions or purpose.

A Gift of Retirement Funds

Another easy way to leave a bequest is to name Spay-Neuter Services, as the full or partial beneficiary of retirement funds held in your IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) to add to or establish a charitable fund. This is a simple and effective way – and maybe the most tax advantageous – to create your legacy since it will not be subject to either estate or income taxes, as it would be if left to anyone other than a spouse.

A Gift of Life Insurance

Like your retirement accounts, a separate beneficiary designation form determines who will receive money from your life insurance policies. Policies that you own enable you to name a charitable beneficiary. A simple way to make a legacy gift is to designate Spay-Neuter Services as the full or partial beneficiary on the required beneficiary form. Contact your plan administrator to obtain the change of beneficiary form. This is one of many ways to donate life insurance.

Take The Next Step Now!

All too often, procrastination does not pay. This is certainly the case with your will or living trust. Investing a few hours now can make a lasting difference for Indiana’s animals. Many financial advisors and attorneys can even complete this virtually.

Thank you for considering options for shaping your legacy by caring for Indiana’s animals.  Your thoughtfulness and generosity will live on in the lives of beloved cats and dogs.