Special Case: Critical Funding Needed For Abused Dogs

80 abused, neglected, innocent dogs are coming to Indiana from a dangerous situation in Tennessee. Many of them need extensive veterinary care, the extent of which is not yet known. Senior dogs, puppies, and pregnant mothers were all rescued from their desperate circumstances. Over 250 dogs in total were recovered from the home.

Pet Friendly Services will provide FREE spay/neuter surgeries for 40 of these dogs. We need your help to fix them all 80 before they are adopted into their forever homes.

We can fix them ALL if we raise $2,600.

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Pet Friendly Services of Indiana wants every Indiana shelter to become a zero-kill shelter. Be part of Pet Friendly Services’ success by supporting our work. Pet Friendly Services is a small, cost-conscience organization focused on helping animal welfare groups, municipal shelters and limited-income pet owners. Together, we’re making a huge impact by preventing thousands upon thousands of animals from entering Indiana shelters. And, when animals do enter shelters, we help shelters get them fixed so they’re adoption-ready.

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana does not receive funding from the government, the United Way or from other large sources. We rely on grants, bequests, fundraisers, and the proceeds of the Pet Friendly license plate – and from individual donors like you. Your financial gift demonstrates that you share our mission and are committed to help Indiana’s shelters become zero kill.

By Mail:

Pet Friendly Services
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Indianapolis, IN 46208

Other Ways to Help:

If you’re interested in learning more, perhaps to determine if Pet Friendly Services of Indiana is the right organization for your future bequest, charitable trust or other gift, we’d be happy to talk to you. We’re incredibly proud of our programs and accomplishments to date, and would love to share our most recent information with you, including our plans for the future.

Please contact us at info@PetFriendlyServices.org or at 317-762-0912, ext. 102.