The Fix is IN!

Helping Hoosiers and Their Pets

The Fix is IN! is a unique partnership between Pet Friendly Services of Indiana and Public Vet, a mobile veterinary unit. The Fix is IN! travels across Indiana to provide much-needed access to low-cost spay and neuter surgeries for cats, with a focus on rural counties that need help getting their cats fixed.

Through this project, we’ve already helped over 5,000 cats in need. With your support we can help even more!

Spay/neuter animals programs address the root cause of overpopulation and achieve great results at a fraction of the cost of sheltering animals.

In Peter Marsh’s groundbreaking book, Getting to Zero, he cites a 1998 national survey of 186 animal shelters. The shelters revealed they spent an average of $176 for each animal they impounded. Compare this to spay/neuter programs that have been shown to reduce both shelter intake and euthanasia rates at a cost of $50-$60 per animal.

This was a 1998 study, which is now 24 years old. Spay/neuter rates have remained in line with that study, offering humane solutions at a fraction of the cost of sheltering.

What’s even more revealing is that the cost per birth prevented is only $0.15 per kitten when the surgery cost is $50. For a $90 surgery, the cost per birth prevented is $0.28. These numbers are based on Charity Navigator’s complex formulas for spay/neuter programs, which consider the multitude of future litters of unwanted animals


Can you donate $25 today to help pet owners in need? Many of these cats are strays and would not be fixed without your help!

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Public vet has several clinics scheduled across Indiana. To learn more and get registered, visit Public Vet’s website. Don’t delay, as the schedule fills up quickly.  

If you are one of our partner rescues and wish to use your Pet Friendly Plate or Community Cat Program certificates at a Public Vet clinic, you MUST follow these guidelines . (Click to download)

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