Be Their Voice

Become a Pet Friendly Ambassador for ALL Indiana Pets.

Our Pet Friendly Ambassador program was created for our animal advocates who are who are passionate about bringing Indiana to zero kill. You are fundamental to providing financial support animals in need. We count on our advocates to help us, help them.

Your money matters.

At Pet Friendly Services, we are working to save them all. With your support, we’ve embarked upon a path to helping every shelter become a zero-kill shelter.

We provided more than 11,000 spay/neuter surgeries in 2019 alone. With your help, we can provide even more. Because of such high demand, we have a limited number of spay/neuter certificates we can issue each month. With your contribution, we will have the push we need to bring Indiana closer to zero kill.

With a monthly donation to Pet Friendly Services, you will become a Pet Friendly Advocate for ALL of Indiana’s animals.