Looking To Adopt?

Adopt a Pet From a Shelter or Rescue: Save a Life!

Looking to adopt a pet, but don’t know where to start? With more than 300 rescue groups and shelters across Indiana, it can seem like a daunting task. We’re here to help! Check out our Adoption Guide, which provides answers to common questions. You’ll also find a map & listing of our partner shelter & rescue groups that Pet Friendly Services supports.
Our shelter & rescue partners are working diligently to help every animal find a loving home. Your new best friend is right around the corner!
Is your rescue not on the list? Please contact us at info@petfriendlyservices.org!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting A Pet

  • Shelters are brick and mortar structures. Some are operated by local governments, while others are “private”. Government-funded shelters are typically required to accept all animals regardless of their capacity to care. This is difficult work, and it’s why we advocate for spaying and neutering pets to prevent “shelter intake” of unwanted litters.

    Private shelters can limit their intake/admissions and can determine which animals they wish to allow into their shelters. These shelters “pull” animals from overcrowded shelters, and, in some instances, they accept strays or owner surrenders. Their ability to limit intake ensures they are not overwhelmed and are able to work within their budget and capacity to care.

Note that each Indiana shelter is independent, meaning they are not connected to each other or national organizations such as the Humane Society

  • Rescue Groups are generally nonprofit organizations or individuals that take in strays and/or “pull” surplus animals from overcrowded shelters. Rescue groups are generally staffed by volunteers and rely on their volunteers to foster animals in their homes, meet with, and approve potential adopters.

    Fostering animals allows their personalities to bloom, as many dogs become bored and frightened while in shelters. Cats frequently hide in cubbies or snuggle into their litter boxes as they seek additional security. If you want to know more about the pet you’re considering adding to your family, meeting a pet in foster care can be very helpful.

Note that, when you adopt from a rescue group, they will “pull” additional shelter animals right away. Whether you save a life directly by visiting a shelter or indirectly by adopting through a rescue group, you are saving a life.

Indiana state law requires that pets be spayed or neutered before adoption.

There is a nationwide vet shortage and a backlog of animals needing surgeries. Please allow time for surgeries to be scheduled. If the rescue group or shelter you adopt from offers a foster-to-adopt contract, state law requires that the pet be spayed/neutered before the adoption process is completed. An unaltered animal in your care remains the property of the rescue group or shelter and must be returned upon request.

The application process varies, as each shelter and rescue group is independent. Some groups require things such as home visit, a fenced-in yards for dogs, or a meet and greet with existing dogs in the home.

Vet records for other pets in your home and a phone call to your vet are other steps generally included in the application process.

Fees vary, as each shelter and rescue group is independent. When shelters are full, they sometimes run specials to encourage adoptions and save lives.

Pure breed animals often have higher adoption fees because these animals are in high demand.

The higher adoption fees for these animals help offset costs of “pulling” sick and injured animals from shelters – or for pulling animals that are overrepresented in shelters (such as larger dogs) and require more time to find their perfect homes. The cost of recovering sick and injured animals can vary wildly, as it is often unclear as to the exact medical care that is needed to recover a pet.

Did you know you can adopt outdoor cats? By working with rescue groups known as “Community Cat” programs, you can find outdoor cats that simply need a caretaker to provide shelter, food and water. In return, you will receive the affection of an easy-to-care-for pet who will patrol for mice and not even require a litter box! Click here to find a Community Cat Program in your area.

We get it! Adopting an outdoor cat is a win-win. You get the feline love you need, and an outdoor cat gets a forever home. By working with rescue groups known as “Community Cat” programs, you can find outdoor cats that simply need a caretaker to provide shelter, food and water. In return, you will receive the affection of an “allergy free” pet. Click here to find a Community Cat Program in your area.
Every shelter and rescue group has pure breed animals from time to time – along with darling mixed breeds ranging from small to large. Some rescue groups specialize in pure breeds. Whatever you’re looking for, you are likely to find. Demand for pure breeds can be high, so be patient as you search for your new best friend.  
Keep in mind that, sometimes a potential adopter doesn’t find the specific breed they’re looking for because a different dog steals their heart first! Mixed breed dogs are just as capable of being loving, loyal companions.
Did You Know that you can work with rescue groups to find your perfect pet? Some rescues will allow you to submit an adoption application and will then search for your perfect pet, knowing they can “pull” a shelter animal and quickly move that pet into its’ forever home. 

Things to consider when choosing a pet:

Your love for your pet doesn’t cost a thing but his/her upkeep does. Do you have the income to pay for vet visits (unexpected ones in addition to regular exams and shots), food, preventive medications and more … think toys, grooming visits, beds, and pet sitting?

Have you considered how much time and energy can you spend with a new pet? Some pets require more training, daily exercise and supervision than others. Remember that the first year with any new pet will put more demands on you because this is when you’re setting up house rules and routines. Are you willing to rethink your travel plans based on whether or not you can take your pet with you?

  • Ask each family member what they are looking for in a pet. Why does each want a pet? What will each contribute to the care of your new family member?
  • Are you drawn to a certain type of pet? Can’t get enough of a Golden Retriever’s sunny disposition? Have a soft spot for a cat’s purring? Crave a snuggle buddy, maybe an older pet? Want a pet to take hiking every weekend?  Each has its own personality, appearance, and energy level, so do some research. It may be that the pets you’re drawn to may not be the right fit for your lifestyle.
  • Are you an active household or more laid-back? Some pets need more exercise and activity than others.
  • Do you have children or plan to have children?
  • Are there frail elderly or physically challenged individuals in the household?
  • Anyone with allergies?
  • Shedding may also be a consideration. Are you okay seeing a dusting of hair on the floor you just cleaned? Or do you need to find a pet that doesn’t shed?

Every pet has its own unique personality so, as you’re thinking about which one to bring home, be sure to ask about:

  • Energy level and activities the pet might enjoy.
  • Friendliness with kids and other animals (if you have either in your home).
  • Any special health needs or considerations.

There are lots of quizzes that offer things to consider when you’re thinking about adding a pet to your family.  Here’s one from Chewy that asks why you want a pet, how much time you’re able to devote to your new friend, how much training are you willing to do, what your pet budget looks like and how much cleaning are you willing to do.

Owning a pet is a big responsibility and a life-changing one. If you do your research to find the pet that’s the best fit for you, you’ll be rewarded with a lifetime of love.

Click on a county to find rescues and shelters in your area:

There’s no need to limit your search based on the location of a shelter or rescue group, which someties only reflects a mailing address. Many rescues have a network of fosters throughout Indiana that are willing to transport pets for a meet and greet. Check with the rescue group to see what they are able to do to facilitate the adoption process for you.

You’ll also find adoptable pets at stores like Petco, PetSmart, and Pet Supplies “Plus”. Cats are easily cared for by the shelters and rescue groups and are permitted to stay overnight. Rescue groups set up tables and bring dogs to these pet stores – and stores like Tractor Supply and local dog bakeries – on weekends. You’ll also find shelter and rescue animals at special adoption events and many farmers’ markets.

Not sure where to look? Check out our list of partner rescues below! You can also search for pets on websites like PetFinder, and Adopt a Pet.

Lennox's Legacy RescueAdams
P.A.W.S. of Adams CountyAdamswww.pawsofadamscounty.com/
Animal House SanctuaryAllenwww.animalhousesanctuary.org/
Emilie Beard Foundation for FelinesAllenebfelinerehoming.org/
Fort Wayne Animal Care & ControlAllenwww.fwacc.org
Fort Wayne FeralAllen
Fort Wayne Pit Bull CoalitionAllenwww.fwpbc.org/
Humane Fort WayneAllenhumanefw.org/
PATs Animal Sanctuary, Inc.Allen
Perfect Paws RescueAllen
Bartholomew County Humane SocietyBartholomewwww.bartholomewhumane.org/
Columbus Animal Care ServicesBartholomew
Happy LabsBartholomew
The Litter Box Kitty Rescue, Inc.Bartholomewthelitterbox.rescuegroups.org/
Blackford County Animal ShelterBlackford
Every Dog Counts RescueBoonewww.edcr.org/home.html
Humane Society for Boone CountyBooneboonecountyhumane.org/index.html
Brown County Humane SocietyBrownwww.bchumane.org
A Cause for Paws, Inc.Casshttps://www.facebook.com/WBEDFM/
Cass County Humane SocietyCass
Animal Protection AssociationClarkhttps://www.apa-pets.org/
Fat Heads RescueClarkhttps://www.fatheads.org/
InKy Animal RescueClarkwww.inkyanimalrescue.com/
J.B. Ogle Animal ShelterClarkwww.jbogleanimalshelter.com
Jeffersonville Animal ShelterClark
Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, Inc.Clarkwww.louisvilleweimrescue.com/
Southern Indiana Animal RescueClarkhttps://sianimalrescue.org/
Tails of Freedom K9 RescueClarkwww.freethetails.org/
Clay County Humane SocietyClaywww.ClayCoHumaneIN.org
Lucky Pups RescueClay
Humane Society of Clinton CountyClintonhttps://www.facebook.com/HSofCC/
JET's Animal Service, Inc.Clintonwww.jetsanimalsvc.com/
Friends for AnimalsDaviess
Red Barn RescueDaviess
PAWS of Dearborn CountyDearbornpawsofdearborncounty.org
Decatur County Animal ShelterDecaturdecaturcountyshelter.wordpress.com/
Canine Haven Rescue, Inc.DeKalbcaninehavenrescue.org/
DeKalb Humane SocietyDeKalbdekalbhumanesociety.org
Action for Animals, Inc.Delawareafamuncie.org/
Animal Rescue Fund (ARF)Delawaremunciearf.com/
Muncie Animal Care and ServicesDelaware
Paws On My Heart, Inc.Delaware
Mama Cindy's Animal ShelterDubois
The Dubois County Humane SocietyDuboiswww.duboiscountyhumane.org/
Catsnip Etc.Elkhartwww.catsnipetc.org/home.html
Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition, Inc.Elkhart
Humane Society of Elkhart CountyElkhart
MisUnderstood Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc. (MUSH)Elkhart
Tracking In the ShadowsElkhart
Fayette County Animal ShelterFayette
New Albany/Floyd Co. Animal Control & ShelterFloydfcarl.org
Piece of My Heart RescueFloydwww.pieceofmyheartrescue.org/
CFL Rescue and SanctuaryFountainhttps://www.facebook.com/cflrescue/
Paws 'n ClawsFountainpawsnclaws2012.yolasite.com/
Franklin County Humane SocietyFranklin
Country Kennel Bully RescueFultonwww.countrykennelbullyrescue.com
Fulton County Animal CenterFultonwww.fultoncoanimalcenter.org/
Animal Rescue & Protection Inc.Gibsonanimalrescueandprotection.info/
Emmy Corp., dba Gibson County Animal ServicesGibsonwww.gcasonline.org/
Marion Animal Care and ControlGrant
Marion-Grant County Humane SocietyGrantmarionhumane.com/
Underdog SalvationGranthttp://www.underdogsalvation.com/
CAnine REscue (CARE), Inc.Greene
Greene County Humane SocietyGreenegreenecountyhumanesociety.org/
All Creatures Matter Rescue, Inc.Hamiltonhttps://allcreaturesmatter.org/
Alliance For Responsible Pet Ownership (ARPO)Hamiltonhttp://adoptarpo.org/
Almost Home Schnauzer Rescue, Inc.Hamiltonhttps://ahsr.ngo/
Community Cats of Hamilton CountyHamiltonccatshc.wixsite.com/website
From The Heart RescueHamiltonhttps://fthar.org/
Humane Society for Hamilton CountyHamiltonwww.hamiltonhumane.com
Indiana Sheltie Rescue, Inc.Hamiltonindianasheltierescue.org/
REDEMPTION RESCUE INCHamiltonredemptionrescueinc.com/
Woofs and Books, Inc.Hamiltonhttp://www.woofsandbooks.org/
Almost Heaven Farm Animal SanctuaryHancock
Frenzy Animal RescueHancockwww.frenzyrescue.com/
Greenfield Hancock Animal ManagementHancock
Partners for Animal Welfare Society, Inc.Hancockpawshancock.org
Retails, Inc.Hancockhttps://retailsindy.org/index.html
Frisky Felines FoundationHarrison
River Valley Humane SocietyHarrison
Hendricks County Animal ShelterHendricks
Hendricks County Humane SocietyHendrickswww.hendrickshumane.org/
Misty Eyes Animal CenterHendrickswww.mistyeyes.org/
Sacred Sycamore Animal RescueHendrickswww.sacredsycamoreanimalrescue.org/
Henry County Humane Society, Inc.Henryhcpetcarecampus.com
Lucky Lab Rescue & AdoptionHenryhttps://www.luckylabrescue.com/
4 Precious PawsHoward4preciouspaws.org
Buddy's Bandits, Inc.Howard
Howard County Kitten Rescue, Inc.Howard
Kokomo Community CatsHoward
Kokomo Humane SocietyHowardwww.kokomohumane.org
Pals for Paws, Inc.Howardhttps://palsforpawsinc.com/
Helping Paws Pet Haven, Inc.Huntingtonhpph.org/
Huntington County Humane Society, Inc.Huntingtonwww.huntingtonhumane.org/
Jamie's Legacy, Inc.Huntingtonwww.jamieslegacy.org/
Humane Society of Jackson County, Inc.Jacksonwww.jchumane.org
Indigo's Rescue Ranch and SanctuaryJacksonwww.indigosrescueranch.org
SOS (Saints on Our Side) Animal RescueJackson
Jasper County Animal ShelterJasper
Purrfectlittlepaws, Inc.Jasper
Jay County Humane SocietyJay
Midwest Pet RefugeJaymidwestpetrefuge.com/
Madison-Jefferson County Animal ShelterJeffersonhttp://www.sisaveapet.com/
Mercy Rescue and Adoption, Inc.Jenningswww.mercyrescueandadoption.com/
Hope Marie's Fund RescueJohnsonhttp://hopemarie.org/
Humane Society of Johnson CountyJohnsonhttp://hsjc.org/
Johnson County Animal ShelterJohnson
Johnson County Community CatsJohnsonhttps://jcccats.org/
Petite Paws Rescue AngelsJohnsonhttps://www.petitepaws.us/
Robin's Nest of IndyJohnsonwww.robinsnestofindy.org/
Barbara Grannan Carie Feline Sanctuary, IncKnox
Knox County Humane SocietyKnox
Vincennes Animal ShelterKnox
Animal Welfare League (Kosciusko Co)Kosciuskoawlwarsaw.com/
Kosciusko Community TNRKosciusko
One Dog at a TimeKosciuskowww.odtr.org/
Sevens Heaven Wildlife RehabilitationKosciusko
Fried's Cat Shelter, Inc.La Portehttps://www.friedscatshelter.org/
Independent Cat SocietyLa Portewww.catsociety.org
LaPorte County Small Animal ShelterLa Portewww.laportecountyparks.org
Michiana Humane SocietyLa Portemichianahumanesociety.org
Mixed Up Mutts, Inc.La Portehttps://www.mixedupmutts.org/
Silverstray SocialLa Portewww.silverstray.org/
Ark Animal Rescue and AdoptionLagrangearkanimalrescue.weebly.com/
Reigning Cat and Dogs RescueLagrange
ABRA, Inc. (All Breed Rescue Angels, Inc.)Lakewww.abraangels.com
Cast-A-Way CrittersLakewww.castawaycritters.org/
Cause 4Paws Gary, Inc.Lakewww.cause4pawsgary.org
Child and Pet Relief Fund, Inc.Lakehttps://www.cprfund.com/
Dyer Animal ControlLake
Everything's Going to be Alright Rescue and RehabilitationLakehttps://www.facebook.com/egtbarr/
Feline Community NetworkLakewww.felinecommunitynetwork.org/
Griffith Animal ControlLake
Happy Tails Rescue, Inc.Lakehappytailsrescue.org
Humane Indiana Animal ShelterLakewww.hscalumet.org
Humane Society of CalumetLakehttps://humaneindiana.org/
I Wanna Go Home RescueLakehttps://www.iwannagohomerescue.org/
Kitties For Keeps RescueLakekittiesforkeepsrescue.com/
Lake County Sheriff's Animal Control & AdoptionLake
Lucky's Legacy, Inc.Lake
Schererville Animal Control & ShelterLake
Second Chance 4 Pets NetworkLakewww.sc4pets.org/
The Humane Society of Hobart, Inc.Lakehobarthumanesociety.org
Treasured Friends, Inc.Lake
Tuff Dawgs Rescue, IncLaketuffdawgsrescue.com/
White River Humane SocietyLawrencewww.whiteriverhumanesociety.com
All Hands on Deck, Kitters Foundation Corp.Madison
Elwood Animal Shelter (City of Elwood)Madisonhttps://elwood-in.com/animal-shelter/
Friends for PawsMadisonhttp://www.friendsforpaws.com/
Homer's HelpersMadisonhttps://homershelpers.org/
Madison County Humane SocietyMadisonwww.mchsandersonin.org/
The Animal Protection LeagueMadisonwww.inapl.org/
America's Basenji & Shiba Inu RescueMarionhttps://basenjishiba.com/
Cats HavenMarionhttps://www.catshaven.org/
Central Indiana Foster CatsMarion
Central Indiana Lab Rescue & Adoption (CILRA)Marionwww.cilra.org/
Chihuahua Rescue of Indiana, Inc.Marionwww.chihuahuarescuein.org/
Far Fetched Dog RescueMarionwww.farfetcheddogrescue.org/
Furever We LoveMarionwww.fureverwelove.com/
Heaven After Hell RescueMarionhttp://www.heavenafterhellrescue.org/
Helping Paws, Inc.Marionwww.helpingpawsonline.com/home
Houndsong Rescue, Inc.Marionhttps://www.houndsong.com/
Indianapolis Animal Care ServicesMarion
Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue, Inc.Marionwww.igpr.org/
Indy Neighborhood CatsMarion
IndyClaw Rescue, IncMarionhttp://www.indyclaw.org/
Love of Labs, IndianaMarionwww.lolin.org/
Lucci's House Bully RescueMarionhttps://www.luccishouse.org/
Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, Inc.Marionhttp://ldrrescue.org/
Medical Mutts Service DogsMarionMedicalMutts.org
Mended Hearts Rescue, Inc.Marionhttps://mhrindy.org/
Rosie's Southside Animal ShelterMarionhttps://ssasi.org/
Sketchy Mutts and UnderdogsMarionsketchymuttsandunderdogs.org/
SOAR INITIATIVE CORPMarionhttps://www.soarinitiative.com/
Speedway Animal Rescue, Inc.Marionspeedwayanimalrescue.org/
TAILS AND TRAILS RESCUEMarionhttp://www.tailsandtrails.org/
The PAWSitivity ProjectMarionhttps://www.pawsitivityproject.org/
Waldo's Muttley Crew Animal RescueMarion
Marshall County Humane Society, Inc.Marshallhttps://mchsshelter.org/index.html
Martin County Humane Society Spay /Neuter ClinicMartin
City of Peru Animal Care and ControlMiami
Eagles Point TNRMiami
Miami County Animal ShelterMiami
Peru Dog PoundMiamihttps://www.facebook.com/CityPACC/
Rosies RescueMiami
Scratching Post Cat Rescue IncMiamiscratchingpostcatrescue.com/
Bloomington Animal ShelterMonroe
Feral Cat Friends, Inc.Monroewww.feralcatfriend.org/
Mannered Mutts Rescue, Inc.Monroewww.manneredmuttsrescue.org/
The NestMonroehttp://www.inthenest.net/
The Ranch Cat Rescue IncMonroewww.theranchcatrescue.org/
Animal Welfare League of Montgomery Co.Montgomery
Black Kat Society - TNRMontgomery
Cats LimitedMontgomerywww.catslimited.org/
Home for Friendless Animals, Inc.Montgomery
Hope Haven Canine Rescue, Inc.Morgan
Morgan County Humane SocietyMorganwww.mchumanesoc.org/
Needy Claws SanctuaryMorganhttp://needyclaws.org/
Street Cat Community OutreachMorgan
The Four Legged RanchMorganhttps://www.fourleggedranch.com/
Newton County Animal ShelterNewton
Humane Society of Noble CountyNoblehumanesocietynoblecounty.com
Ohio County Animal ShelterOhio
Great Babies Rescue, Inc.Orangegreatbabiesrescue.org
Orange County Humane SocietyOrange
Springs Valley Pet Services, Inc.Orangesvps.rescueme.org/
Caring Canine Animal RescueOwen
Indiana GSD and Siberian Husky Rescue, Inc.Owenindianagsdhuskyrescue.myresq.org/
Our Lil' Bit of Heaven Animal RescueOwenbitofheaven.org/
Owen County Humane SocietyOwenochumane.org/services/
The Sanctuary at Browning FarmsOwen
Parke County Animal Welfare Services IncParke
Humane Society of Perry CountyPerry
Pike Animal Welfare ShelterPike
Giant Paw PrintsPorterhttp://www.giantpawprints.com/
Guardians of the Green Mile, Inc.Porterwww.gotgm.org/
Indiana Petite Paws Rescue AngelsPorterhttp://www.petitepaws.us/
Lakeshore PAWSLakehttps://lakeshorepaws.org
Open Arms Animal RescuePorterwww.openarmsanimalrescue.com/
Porter County Animal ShelterPorterwww.portercountyanimalshelter.org/
Redemption German Shepherd RescuePorterhttps://www.redemptionshepherd.com/
Posey County Pound PuppiesPoseyhttps://pcpoundpuppies.webs.com/
Posey Humane SocietyPoseyhttps://www.poseyhumane.org/
Pulaski Animal CenterPulaskihttps://www.pulaskianimalcenter.com/
Pulaski County Sheriff DepartmentPulaskigov.pulaskionline.org/
Creekside Animal Rescue, Inc.Putnamwww.creeksiderescue.org/
Humane Society of Putnam CountyPutnamhspcanimals.org/
People United 4 Pets, Inc.Putnamwww.4pups.org/
Putnam County Animal Care & ControlPutnam
The ARK Fostercare ProgramPutnamhttp://arkfostercare.com/
PAWS Animal Rescue and ShelterRandolph
Rescue Me R.C.H.S.Randolph
Practical Cats RescueRush
Rushville Animal ShelterRushrushvilleanimalshelter.org/
Humane Society of Scott County IndianaScottwww.hsscottcountyin.com
Scott County Animal ShelterScott
Animal Outreach of Shelby CountyShelbyshelbycats.com/
Canine Castaways Rescue, Inc.Shelbywww.caninecastawaysrescue.org
Shelby County Animal ShelterShelby
Spencer County Animal ShelterSpencerhttps://itvrescue.org/
Spencer County Humane SocietySpencerwww.petfinder.com/shelters/IN60.html
TLC Pals 4 Paaws, Inc.Spencer
Dream Paws RescueSt Josephdreampawsrescue.blogspot.com/
Humane Society of St. Joseph CountySt Josephhttps://humanesocietystjc.org/
The Meow MissionSt Josephhttps://www.themeowmission.org/
All 4 Animals RescueSt. Josephwww.all4animalsrescue.org/
CARE of South BendSt. Josephwww.careofsouthbend.org/
FurEver FostersSt. Joseph
Heartland Small Animal RescueSt. Josephwww.heartlandsmallanimalrescue.org
Homeward Bound Animal Welfare, Inc.St. Josephwww.homewardboundawg.com/
Pet RefugeSt. Josephhttps://www.petrefuge.com/
Pets Connect! Inc.St. Josephhttps://www.petsconnect.org/
South Bend Animal Care and ControlSt. Joseph
Save A Dog RescueStarkeindianasaveadog.com/
STARKE COUNTY HUMANE SOCIETYStarkestarkecountyhumane.wixsite.com/schs
Community Humane Shelter of Steuben CountySteubenhttps://www.chssteubencounty.org/
Animal Care Team of Indiana, LLCSullivanhttps://actofin.org/
Humane Society of Sullivan CountySullivan
Switzerland County Animal ShelterSwitzerland
Dedicated to Dobermans RescueTippecanoe
Loving Paws Animal CenterTippecanoerescuedpawsmatter.org/
My New Cat RescueTippecanoemynewcat.org/about/
Natalie's Second Chance Dog ShelterTippecanoewww.nataliessecondchance.org/
North Central Indiana Spay Neuter and RescueTippecanoepleasespay.org
Pawswap of Greater LafayetteTippecanoewww.pawswapofgreaterlafayette.com/
T.B. Dog Rescue, Corp.Tippecanoewww.twobitchesrescue.com/
Tipton County Humane SocietyTipton
Liberty Acres United Rescue Animal SanctuaryUnionhttps://libertyacresunited.com/
Another Chance for AnimalsVanderburghhttp://www.acaevansville.com/
Evansville Kitten and Cat RescueVanderburghevansvillekittenrescue.weebly.com/
Feline FixVanderburghhttps://www.felinefix.org/contact/
It Takes A Village No-Kill RescueVanderburghitvrescue.org/
My Ferals of Evansville, Inc.Vanderburghwww.myferalsofevansvilleinc.com/
Vanderburgh Humane SocietyVanderburghvhslifesaver.org
Parke-Vermillion County Humane SocietyVermillionhttps://www.mypvchs.org
D & R Rescue, Inc.Vigo
Dog It Dig It RescueVigowww.dogitdigitrescue.com
For Paws Sake Canine RescueVigohttps://www.fpscaninerescue.org/
Ollie's Canine Campus LLCVigowww.olliesk9campus.com/
Terre Haute Humane SocietyVigowww.petfinder.com/shelters/IN37.html
Furry FixWabashwww.furryfix.net
Wabash County Animal Shelter, Inc.Wabashwabashshelter.com/
Warrick Animal GuardiansWarrick
WARRICK HUMANE SOCIETYWarrickhttps://warrickhumanesociety.org/
Basset Rescue of KentuckianaWashington
City of Salem Animal ShelterWashington
Humane Society of Washington CountyWashingtonwww.hswcin.org
2nd Chance Animal Rescue of Richmond, Inc.Wayne
Animal Care AllianceWayneanimalcarealliance.webs.com
Animal Welfare League Inc.Wayne
Help The Animals, Inc.Waynehelptheanimalsinc.com/
Monkey Cat's Memorial RescueWayne
Warm Paws Cool Claws ProjectWaynehttps://wpccp.org/
Bluffton-Wells County Animal ShelterWellsblufftonindiana.net/animal-shelter
Warrick County Animal ControlWellshttps://warrickhumanesociety.org/
Happy Tails Animal Care Center, Inc.White
Like Home Animal Foster and RescueWhite
Humane Society of Whitley CountyWhitleyhswc.org/
Whitley County Animal Shelter and Adoption CenterWhitleyhttps://hswc.org/

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