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New to Animal Welfare? Learn All About it!

Have you wondered what the “animal welfare community” is and how you can make a meaningful difference for Indiana’s cats and dogs? Our brief guide answers commonly asked questions, explains the various roles of animal welfare organizations, and explains key strategies to save as many lives as possible!

Who We Are and What We Do

Pet Friendly Services is Indiana’s only statewide nonprofit animal welfare organization. Our spay/neuter programs are focused on ending the euthanasia of adoptable pets by addressing overpopulation at the source. To date, we have funded over 200,000 spay/neuter surgeries, including nearly 15,000 in the past year.

When you drive with the #4 selling Pet Friendly specialty license plate, you are saving lives and preventing suffering! 

Pet Plate - Fix Em

Save Lives While You Drive!

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana receives funding from this specialty plate and uses every penny to support the work of rescue groups, shelters, and community cat programs across the state.  We also fund surgeries for limited-income pet owners to ensure their pets are fixed.

We have funded more than 200,000 surgeries, saving hundreds of thousands of Indiana cats and dogs from euthanasia due to shelter overpopulation.

Impact Report

Check out our quarterly impact report and witness how your contributions are saving lives.

Pet Friendly Services in Action: Community Cats are where it's at!

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana and Indy Neighborhood Cats teamed up for a special Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) project to find six adorable cats a brand-new home in a Zionsville barn! “Pet Friendly” Pet Reporter, Buffy Phyne, has the where, what, why and how community cat programs like this one can help cats AND dogs across the state.

The BEST way to get every shelter to zero kill is by reducing intake at the source. Pet Friendly Services, with funding from the Pet Friendly License Plate, provides spay/neuter surgeries for TNR programs that save thousands of lives every year. Together we ensure cats and dog live happy, healthy lives.