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“The FIX is IN” completes 4000th spay/neuter surgery of 2022

Pet Friendly Services’ partnership with Public Vet is on pace to surpass 2021 Totals

INDIANAPOLIS –  “The FIX is IN!”, a partnership between Pet Friendly Services of Indiana and Public Vet, has completed over 4,000 spay/neuter surgeries year-to-date in 2022. This partnership focuses on and identifies at-risk communities in need of affordable spay/neuter surgeries and essential care for cats. The project is on pace to surpass 2021 totals.

Public Vet is a mobile veterinary clinic that can fix up to 130 cats per clinic. The surgery rate is $90, but support from Pet Friendly Services provides additional discounts for cases with demonstrated financial need. There have been over 60 FIX is IN! clinics in Indiana this year.

Why only cats? Cats can reproduce at as early as 4 months of age and at a prolific rate. Left unchecked, a cat population can quickly overwhelm the resources available at a shelter. Curbing the intake of cats and kittens is essential to reducing the euthanasia of both shelter cats and dogs.

The FIX is IN! is making a profound impact on communities in need,” said Pet Friendly Services Executive Director Cheri Storms. “The Pet Friendly specialty license plate funds projects like this as well as thousands of other spay/neuter surgeries each year. This prevents the euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals while addressing the root cause of shelter overpopulation.”

Surgeries are by appointment only. Pet owners should book appointments right away, as spots are limited.  Sign up at www.pub.vet.

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana is funded by the Pet Friendly license plate, grants, and donations. To support this project or learn more, please visit PetFriendlyServices.org.

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana is a statewide animal welfare organization whose mission is to eliminate the euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs through financial assistance, education, and advocacy. Our small team stretches our dollars to serve as many animals as possible and to make permanent changes to benefit cats, dogs, and the people who love them. Pet Friendly Services receives no government funding and relies on donors, grants, fundraising and funds from the Pet Friendly Specialty License Plate. www.PetFriendlyServices.org

Public Vet’s goal is to identify communities that are at risk, and provide & improve the quality of life of the Animals and pets within it.  Public Veterinary Service targets the Community, using veterinary care as an incentive to network and educate every community they work in. Their goal is to identify communities that are overpopulated and at high risk and address any factors that adversely affect health.