Spring Appeal 2021:

2020 tried to mess with our plans to help animals. After taking huge strides toward making Indiana a zero-kill state, we saw our work put on hold due to a pandemic. Clinics closed, programs for outdoor cats were halted, and pet owners struggled to find veterinary appointments to fix their pets.

Even with challenges, your support allowed us to provide lifesaving services to more than 8,000 cats and dogs. When it was clear that families were falling on hard times, we doubled the amount of SNAP (Spay/Neuter Assistance Program) certificates available each week. We pledged $50,000 to help outdoor cats during the winter months to help curb kitten season. And we continued to help dogs in need, including those who had suffered at the hand of neglectful owners.

Through it all, we remain committed to helping animals. With your help, we’re reaching people in new ways and in the areas of greatest need. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

We’ve started a unique partnership with Public Vet, a mobile clinic that serves communities in need of low-cost spay/neuter. With the help of Pet Friendly Services, Public Vet is able to provide discounts to families that could not otherwise afford to get them fixed. So far, we’ve helped over 700 cats in 6 cities – and we’re just getting started!

The requests for help that Public Vet receives can be heartbreaking. Pet owners have suffered from illness, unemployment, and so much more during the past year. Animals keep us all emotionally grounded, especially during hard times when their comfort brings us the reassurance we need. Your financial gift helps people and the animals they love.

“I planned to get my cat fixed before I lost my job in the pandemic. I’ve always been able to afford vet care, now I’m trying to stay above water.”

“I need to fix my cat, but I have a baby in the ICU right now and money is so tight. I am very grateful for the help, more than I can express.”

“I live with my elderly parents. My dad is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. I have a love for animals and can’t leave one to fend for itself.”

Giving Dogs a Second Chance


When dogs enter high-intake shelters, it’s often because they’ve been abused or neglected. Since they’ve lacked the love and attention they deserve, they require extra care to overcome fear and anxiety.

This was the case with Caesar and Howie. Already suffering, they began to shut down and become depressed in a high-stress shelter environment. That’s where dedicated rescue groups saved the day by pulling both dogs and giving them extra attention.

Caesar and Howie will have their spay/neuter surgeries covered by Pet Friendly Services. Like thousands of other dogs that are made “adoption ready” due to your support, they are now looking for their forever homes.

Breaking The Cycle: Shy's Puppies

Shy was abandoned last winter as the temperatures dipped below freezing. Her short coat was no match for the elements – and she was pregnant. Fortunately, Speedway Animal Rescue found her. Shy endured a difficult labor, ultimately giving birth to nine puppies and then facing medical complications.

Pet Friendly Services has pledged to fix Shy and all the puppies. Your support is truly lifesaving for dogs like Shy and her beautiful puppies – and it addresses the root cause of overpopulation by breaking the cycle of endless litters.

Cats and Dogs Need Your Help!

Pet Friendly Services receives no government funding. The dogs and cats we serve rely on generous donors like you. Your donation stays 100% in Indiana and addresses the root cause of overpopulation. Becoming a zero-kill state, where every cat and dog is loved and cherished is within our reach. Together, we can and will rescue them all.

Thank you for helping us help them.

Cheri Storms

Executive Director