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Pet Friendly Services of Indiana Launches “Pit Mix Fix” Pilot Program in Marion, Jackson, and Lawrence Counties

Targeted Program Allows Income-Qualified Pet Owners to Spay/Neuter Large Dogs for $10

INDIANAPOLIS – In an effort to reduce the number of large dogs entering local shelters, Pet Friendly Services of Indiana has launched the “Pit Mix Fix” pilot program for owners of large dogs in Marion, Jackson, and Lawrence counties. Income-qualified pet owners can purchase a spay/neuter voucher for “Pit Mix” and large dogs for just $10.

In 2022, a donor contacted Pet Friendly Services, concerned with the number of pit-mix dogs they were seeing in need of rescue at Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS). Like many other municipal shelters across the state, IACS is currently above capacity.

Large dogs are more difficult to place into forever homes due to their size and strength, along with their need for larger yards and indoor spaces.  At no fault of their own, pit mixes and other large dogs are at the greatest risk of euthanasia upon entering a shelter. Compounding the problem is that pit-mix dogs can have very large litters, often having more than 10 puppies at a time.

“We’ve come across people that adore their dogs and love them unconditionally,” Katie Trennepohl, deputy director of Indianapolis Animal Care Services. “Unfortunately, the cost of a spay/neuter can be out of reach for some families, and accidental litters occur. This adds to an already over-burdened shelter system and more adoptable pets being euthanized. Spay/neuter is the only humane way to prevent this from happening.” 

“We’re thrilled that because of thoughtful donors and people who drive with the Pet Friendly License Plate, we’re able to start a new initiative to stop shelter overpopulation at the source,” said Cheri Storms, executive director of Pet Friendly Services. “Combined with our other key programs, we’re able to fund over 12,000 spay/neuter surgeries per year and prevent thousands of animals from entering the shelter system.”

While currently limited to three counties, Pet Friendly Services seeks to expand the program as budgeting allows. Individuals or companies interested in sponsoring the Pit Mix Fix program should contact Rhi Johns at Rhi@PetFriendlyServices.org.

To find out if you qualify for the Pit Mix Fix and to apply for a spay/neuter voucher, visit Pet Friendly Services’ website (https://petfriendlyservices.org/spay-neuter-services/pit-mix-fix-pilot-program/).

If you’re interested in adopting a dog or cat from a shelter, but aren’t sure where to start, Pet Friendly Services has released the “Pet Friendly Adoption Guide” for interested pet-parents. The guide provides answers to common questions as well as a list of over 300 shelter and rescue groups across Indiana. Visit www.AdoptINpets.org to learn more.

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Pet Friendly Services of Indiana is a statewide animal welfare organization whose mission is to eliminate the euthanasia of adoptable cats and dogs through financial assistance, education, and advocacy. Our small team stretches our dollars to serve as many animals as possible and to make permanent changes to benefit cats, dogs, and the people who love them. Since 1977, we have funded over 195,000 spay/neuter surgeries, with over 12,000 in 2022 alone. Pet Friendly Services receives no government funding and relies on donors, grants, fundraising and funds from the #4 best-selling Pet Friendly Specialty License Plate. www.PetFriendlyServices.org

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