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How Many Lives Can Be Saved?

At Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI), we believe they all can be saved. With your support, we’ve embarked upon a path to helping every shelter become a zero-kill shelter. We’re seeing success in many areas of the state!

Here’s what we’re doing and how it works:

SNSI supports Indiana animal welfare organizations that are on the front line of saving lives. We raise money and distribute free spay/neuter surgery certificates to hundreds of non-profit animal groups and municipal shelters. These surgery certificates allow groups to spay/neuter before adoption, saving them thousands of dollars each year, and allowing them to serve more animals. Our support also ensures that shelters address the root cause of overpopulation so we can fix this problem once and for all.

Dog named SwanBecause of the support we provide, Waldo’s Muttley Crew was able to save Swan, a severely neglected puppy that was abandoned and found on the verge of death. Swan’s recovery was lengthy and expensive, and Waldo’s was relieved to have SNSI’s assistance when it was time to spay Swan and neuter her brother.

SNSI also helped Indiana German Shepherd & Siberian Husky Rescue, when they rescued six German Shepherds, German Shepardsfound roaming a county road late one evening. The dogs had been dumped, and most were in poor health. The rescue group focused on their recovery and adoption, knowing that SNSI would cover the spay/neuter costs.

Momma and puppiesAnd, who could turn their back on an injured momma and her six puppies, found abandoned at a cemetery? Helping PAWS rescued these dogs, fixing momma’s broken leg and ensuring the puppies were well cared for until they were old enough to be adopted into permanent, loving homes. Thanks to your support, SNSI was able to cover the spay/neuter surgery cost for the entire family.

What about cats?

Yes, we help fix cats! In addition to the 93 community cat programs we support, SNSI Barn Kittenshas received frequent requests from rescue groups across the state, needing additional certificates for special circumstances. SNSI has answered the challenge, helping numerous organizations, including H.O.P.E. for Animals as they worked to fix 86 barn cats outside of Fort Wayne.

As a result of spay/neuter efforts, many areas of the state are experiencing a decrease in shelter intake (the number of animals surrendered to shelters) and euthanasia. This is the success you’re helping us achieve!

Our goal for 2017 is to spay/neuter even more animals. We’d like to say “Yes” to every request we receive. But we can’t do this alone – it’s a team effort, and we value your commitment to our team. Together, we’re doing what no one else thought was possible: we’re reducing euthanasia numbers in Indiana’s shelters!

Your gift makes wonderful things happen for animals! Animals that are fixed are ready to go to their forever homes. They are safe, warm and loved – because of you!

Thank you for your ongoing support that helps provide a happy ending for thousands of Indiana animals.

Warmest wishes for the holidays,

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Who else has SNSI helped?

In addition to the 225 rescue groups and shelters that SNSI routinely supports, here are a few of the special cases where SNSI responded to the needs of the organizations we serve:

cats in cageSNSI helped the Vanderburgh County Humane Society when they were overwhelmed with 200 incoming cats.

Rescue Farm took in a box of puppies, abandoned Firehouse pups in boxat Firehouse 22 (Indianapolis) on a bitterly cold winter’s day. Once the pups were old enough, SNSI provided spay/neuter certificates to get them fixed.

When the Muncie Animal Shelter encountered a hoarding situation and needed help, SNSI answered the call. SNSI is continuing to work with this shelter to get all of the cats fixed.

The Owen County Humane Society responded to a hoarding situation involving 82 dogs living in dire circumstances. The shelter was immediately flooded with animals, resulting in a number of other rescue groups jumping in to help. SNSI provided spay-neuter assistance to the Humane Society and to several of the partnering rescue groups.