August 2020 E-News

What’s New?


Last month, we rebranded as Pet Friendly Services. Thank you to everyone who helped share the news! We’re excited to expand our programming and strategies to make Indiana a zero-kill state with our new name that reflects everything we do beyond issue spay/neuter certificates.

If you find a link to our old website please let us know!

2020 has been challenging for everyone, and that includes the statewide animal welfare network. Through your donations and support of the Pet Friendly Plate, we’ve been able to meet additional requests. Your ongoing support helps us continue to save lives!


Cheri Storms 
Executive Director

Pet Friendly Services



Get Our New Widget!Love Them For Life

Along with our new name and branding, we have a new Pet Friendly Plate widget! If you have our old widget on your website already, please update to the new one (right click to save the image). If you don’t have it on your website already, today is a great day to start!

Please have widgets link to www.PetFriendlyPlate.org!

Get your Motors Running with iRacing!

The LMCgear.com iRacing IndyCar League makes virtual racing come to life! Racers zoom through legendary venues like Road America and Laguna Seca. On August 17th, watch them race the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

All races feature the Pet Friendly plate, helping to spread the word so that we can save more lives! The action begins at 7:45 PM EST. Check out their Youtube channel for all the races – click here! (You can also catch a replay of yesterday’s race this Thursday at 8:00pm EST).

This innovative series races the e-version of the same cars you’ll see racing in this years’ the real-life Indycar series. iRacing.com uses proprietary technology to recreate tracks and cars to make a hyper-real realistic racing experience for drivers and fans.

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana in Action!

How we’re Making a Difference: Helping TNR Groups Across The State!

The Community Cat Program has had unprecedented demand in 2020. When Covid-19 hit, vet offices closed temporarily and reopened cautiously. Meanwhile, Kitten Season hit with a vengeance. Kitten Season begins in spring, with cats mating as the weather warms. Prior to Covid-19 Indiana Humane Services and our partner groups were on top of this. But, this year, we are experiencing demand like we have not seen in years.

We have requests for free Community Cat surgery certificates from Perry, Randolph, Orange, Elkhart, Lake, Marion, Grant, Monroe, Tippecanoe, and St. Joseph Counties. Everyone is swimming in cats during the dog days of summer. Your support has helped us continue to meet the need of these special requests so they can continue TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) projects, like this one from The Meow Mission in St. Joseph County:


“Christina reached out to Meow Mission for help with a growing cat population she’d been feeding. She was overwhelmed with 10+ cats and who needed her help. Unfortunately, she could not afford to pay for the food the colony needed, let alone spay/neuter cost. Luckily, we were granted neuter certificates and could help Christina alter her entire colony at no cost to her.

As we discussed our trapping plan, Christina was overwhelmed with gratitude and wanted to help in any way she could. Trapping day came, and Christina was right there to help. We trapped four cats pretty easily, but the others were just too hesitant. That’s when Christina lured the cats to the traps by laying in the yard and gently calling them. As crazy at it looked, it actually worked! Not only did Christina get all her colony altered free of charge thanks to Pet Friendly Services of Indiana, we now have a great new volunteer who thinks outside of the box when trapping cats!

Thank you Pet Friendly Services!!!!” – Jodi, The Meow Mission

Change In Venue: Saving Dogs Like Mag



Magnum is four-year-old coon hound taken to White River Humane Society after being found as a stray. This sweet guy is gentle as can be but was just too shy. The White River Humane Society worked with him, and his confidence improved. Despite being available for over a year, potential adopters continued to overlook him.

In May of 2020 the Change in Venue Program (CIV) changed Mag’s life! CIV is a transportation program by CanINE Express Transport Project, where adoptable animals are moved to new shelters to increase their visibility and adoption rates. Mag was lucky to be one of the over 12,000 dogs they’ve helped move between shelters!

Mag was taken to Lakeshore PAWS in Valparaiso and posted for adoption. Thanks to the loving care of both shelters he was now a happy, social boy who loved people more than anything else. His handsome looks and great personality found him a home in just four short days!

SNAP: Available Certificates Have Been Doubled!



These two beautiful pets, Maggie & Baby Kitty, were fixed with the Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) – one of our critical programs funded by the Pet Friendly Plate!

SNAP is for limited-income pet owners. Pet owners meeting the eligibility criteria pay just $25 per surgery and can schedule their appointment with a vet in Pet Friendly Services’ statewide network.

Requests for certificates for SNAP have increased beyond levels we have ever seen. We recently doubled the number of SNAP certificates we issue each week to further help pet owners get their pets fixed and to ensure unwanted litters do not end up at shelters. Your support allows us to serve more animals!

You can support our ongoing efforts by donating to the Fix is IN! Crisis Relief Fund which is providing relief to the animal welfare network impacted by COVID-19. Your donations make it possible for us to meet this ongoing need!

In memory of Marilyn Greenlee, Marilyn loved to party and enjoyed being with her friends. She loved to cook and was very good at it, loved to play golf and lawn bowl. She cared for all animals, especially her dogs & cats. To sum it up, she loved life. – From Xandra Hamilton


In memory of Cindy Beeler, a wonderful sister, friend and wife. Cindy cultivated deep-rooted friendships, caring for others with heart and encouragement. Mindful, quick-witted, and brilliant, the light of her presence was ever anticipated. Simply stated, to know her was to love her. -From your friends at Indiana Humane Services

In memory of Pixie, a sweet furball and forever friend to Marilyn Goff – from Ginny Kingsbury

In memory of Mommy Kitty, forever a loving friend to Patty Spitler – from Pet Friendly Services of Indiana