April 2019 E-News

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Listen Up! SNSI is making some changes.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Expired Certificates: Effective May 1st, expired spay/neuter certificates will no longer be accepted. This will give SNSI greater control of our liabilities/expenses. With a streamlined process, we will better know how much available funding we have and how many certificates we can issue. We anticipate this will allow us flexibility when there are special circumstances. 

To ensure everyone has plenty of time to get their animals fixed, we are increasing the expiration date from 3 months to 4 months. Please schedule your appointment as soon as you receive your certificate. With the nationwide shortage of veterinarians, it can take several weeks to get an appointment. 

2. Surgery Volume: SNSI funded a record 15,284 surgeries in 2018! However, we are increasing reimbursement rates to our partnering private-practice vets by $10 per surgery (14%).This will impact the number of surgeries we are able to fund in 2019. Note that SNSI has not increased vet reimbursement rates in six years, and our vets are long overdue for a pay increase.

The majority of the nonprofit spay/neuter clinics have also increased their rates over the past year. These cost increases will impact our surgery volume.

With the record number of surgeries funded in 2018, SNSI spent down any accumulated funding. Our goal is to fund as many surgeries as possible, as soon as possible. 

3. SNAP Copay: The copay for our Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) is increasing from $20 to $25 effective Monday, May 6. This is the first increase in 42 years. The additional $5 will help defray our costs and allow us to fund additional surgeries. 

SNAP clients will also notice changes when they apply for SNAP applications. SNSI is moving to an online process where clients can complete the application, upload qualifying paperwork and make their $25 copay. 

4. The Bottom Line is that increased costs will result in fewer surgeries. But we’re rallying to do more and we need your help!

How You Can Help

The #1 thing everyone can do is to purchase and promote the Pet Friendly license plate. Share our widget on social media, tell your friends the impact the plate has had on your organization and how meaningful it is to Indiana’s cats and dogs.

When you see your friend’s car with a boring old plate, ask them to purchase a Pet Friendly plate. The cost is $40, with $25 coming to SNSI. This plate saves lives, prevents suffering, and is moving every Indiana shelter toward zero kill! 

Donate to SNSI. Every dollar counts! Consider becoming a recurring donor. Even at the $5 level, it adds up to $60 over a year. You’ll be saving lives, and you won’t even notice the small hit to your pocket. 

Attend Our Fundraisers: If you live in the Indy metro area, please save the date for the Haunted Hair Ball, SNSI’s signature fundraiser. The date is Saturday, Oct. 26th at the Rathskeller. Dress up or come as you are. We have a really fun band, dancing, people watching, freshly catered foods and a full bar! Plus a few tricks…and treats!  

Sell Nuts! That’s right, SNSI hosts an annual Nut Sale. If you live in the Indy metro area, you can help us sell nuts and candies in late summer/early fall. It’s as easy as setting out our order form and waiting for your coworkers to sign up. Our items are top quality, and everyone loves them. Stay tuned for more details.  

About SNSI

Remember that SNSI is a small office with just two full-time staff members, along with some great volunteers! We’re working to save lives, help rescue groups and shelters, network with vets, enhance Indiana laws, host the Indiana Animal Welfare Conference, hold fundraisers, and so much more. It really does take a village to move Indiana to zero kill (and beyond.)

Thank you to all of our rescue partners, shelters, vets, and supporters for the results you’re bringing to our state!

Your support tackles the root cause of pet overpopulation.

Spaying and neutering is the single best method to reduce the number of unwanted animals. It’s both logical and compassionate. Please love them all like they’re your own by making a tax-deductible gift to SNSI

Cheri Storms (& Hudson), SNSI Executive Director