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Program Spotlight: Furry Fix

Furry Fix was founded in October of 2021, and is already making an impact in their community. With the mission of making a lasting impact on the outdoor cat population through spay/neuter, Furry Fix provides assistance with the cost and availability of spay/neuter surgeries, outreach, and advocacy. In the short history of their program, Furry Fix has already fixed over 500 cats.

Pet Friendly Services’ Community Cat Grant helped Furry Fix begin their program. The Community Cat Program is targeted to 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organizations that run Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) programs for community cats. Free surgeries for  community cats help keep shelters empty and cats alive.

“Pet Friendly Services is and was instrumental to Furry Fix,” said Toni Metzger, Founder and President of Furry Fix.  “As well as the financial support thru the community cat program certificates, Pet Friendly Services also provided valuable and awesome printed materials to help in getting funds, talking to our local city/county representatives, advice on spay/neuter programs and networking ideas with others in the State of Indiana. They were always a phone call away and gave us encouragement, advice and knowledge. I find their work to be AMAZING and a priceless resource to all of us in spay/neuter, THR, rescues and shelters.”

How Furry Fix Helps

Securing Appointments & Financial Assistance – Unfortunately, community cats can’t call and make their own vet appointments! That’s where Furry Fix steps in. They partner with veterinarians to secure spay/neuter dates and cover 50% of the cost of the surgery. Anyone can register to “fix” a cat that is feral, homeless, barn, outside or a community cat (any cat that roams and can mate). Furry Fix has been successful in filling every spay/neuter appointment they they have offered. The demand is huge!

Awareness – Furry Fix advocates for spay/neuter by keeping the public informed about available services , like the Pet Friendly Services’ Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP).  They also reach out to other spay/neuter programs  to relay  information..

Community Cat Shelters – Indiana winters are cold, and community cats are outdoors at no fault of their own. Furry Fix builds and distributes hundreds of shelters for homeless cats and offers them to the public for a $20 donation (to cover the costs of materials).  

Furry Fix has just celebrated their one-year anniversary and is already making a meaningful difference to cats and the people who love them! Learn more about their on-going efforts at www.furryfix.net.