May Newsletter: “Gutter Kitty” Gets a Fashion Makeover

Annual Report Now Available

Our 2022 numbers are in! Our annual report shows the impact our lifesaving programs had last year, as well as the challenges we faced and the solutions we implemented. It also serves as a testament to the impact of your invaluable support for Indiana’s animals.

The Tale of “Gutter Kitty”

Breaking news! The infamous “Gutter Kitty” has finally been captured after almost a year of roaming the neighborhood of Rose Park in Mishawaka with a piece of downspout firmly stuck around his neck. While it’s still a mystery how he got himself into this fashion mishap, we can all agree that he needed some serious assistance to remove it.

Our partners at the Meow Mission tried to trap Gutter Kitty for nearly a year without success. It seemed like this feline was determined to hold on to his new fashion accessory, but little did he know that he was about to meet his match.

Finally, one of their amazing colony caretakers, Don, held a stake-out in his garage with a pull-cord drop-trap. When Gutter Kitty showed up for dinner at his feeding station, Don successfully captured the fleeting feline!

Gutter Kitty was taken to the vet for treatment and surprisingly, there was very little damage to his neck – just some rubbed-off fur. After his neuter, he was returned to the park, free from the burdens of mating and that awful gutter spout!

Pet Friendly Services is proud to support dedicated animal advocates and cat lovers like The Meow Mission with free spay/neuter surgery vouchers. Together, we’re helping cats and ending overpopulation at the source! So, if you see Gutter Kitty strolling around Rose Park, be sure to give him a friendly wave – he’s now a free cat, unburdened by his former fashion accessory.

You can help us help cats like Gutter Kitty with a donation today!

Save the Date:

Tails & Ales in Indy, and the Fix ‘Em 5K in Clarksville

Tails & Ales is back at Broad Ripple Brew Pub! Join us and six local animal rescue groups for an evening of great food, local beer, and adoptable cats and dogs!

Date: Thursday, May 11, 2023

Location: Broad Ripple Brewpub, Indianapolis, IN

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Bring your dog and get moving at the Fix ‘Em 5K! This dog (or cat, or goat) friendly 5K benefits spay/neuter and is a zoo of a good time! Pet Friendly Services and local rescues will be on site.

Date: Saturday, June 17Location: Ashland Park, Clarksville Indiana

Register: Here!

3,398 Cats and Counting:
Catching up with The FIX is IN!

Did you know that because of Pet Friendly Services’ support, The FIX is IN! has already hosted 41 clinics in 2023 and fixed 3,398 cats (and prevented COUNTLESS kittens)!

Pet Friendly Services provides financial assistance at these clinics to cat owners in need, making low-cost spay/neuter accessible to those who need it most. With “kitten season” upon us, it’s more important than ever to get cats fixed!

Public Vet is currently scheduling clinics across Indiana! Pet owners should book appointments right away, as spots are limited. Surgeries are by appointment only. Sign up at www.pub.vet.

Go Nuts!

Craving more of the delicious nuts and candies you bought during the holiday season? It might seem a little nutty, but our Nut Sale is available all year long. That means you can order yourself a refill at any time! No matter your selection, your purchase will help us fund more spay/neuter surgeries for animals in need. Go Nuts ;)!

Don't Drive Without One!

For many shelters, spay/neuter surgeries are not built into their budgets. This means that they depend on individual donations and the support of Pet Friendly Services of Indiana. When you purchase a Pet Friendly license plate, you are supporting the work of 300 shelters and rescues across the state and giving an animal the best chance at a new beginning.

Already have a Pet Friendly plate, but you’d like to do more to help Indiana’s animals? Become a sustaining donor. Just $5 per month pays for a full surgery over the course of a year. We’re all in this together, and your financial gift really does help us help them.