March 2021 Newsletter: The Math on Cats & Dogs In Need

The FIX is IN! is helping Cats Across the State

The FIX is IN! is helping families fix their beloved pets across the state. So far, we’ve fixed over 400 cats for families in need through a partnership with Public Vet. The next clinics are in Logansport (March 7) and Warsaw (March 8).

Financial assistance is available for owned cats as well as feral/free-roaming cats. Learn more and schedule your appointment on Public Vet’s website (spots fill up fast!).

“I want to thank you for the voucher assistance to make neutering my cat more affordable for my family. We appreciate it so much. Our pets are our family & keeping them healthy & happy is important to us.” – Cat owner receiving assistance

 You can help support this fund through a donation! A gift of just $25 fixes a cat for a family in need. Read more about the FIX is IN!

The Let’s Do the Math on Cats

A few months ago, we pledged $50,000 of matching grants toward lifesaving surgeries for the community cat population through our “Winter Cats Program”
So far, we’ve issued 696 surgery certificates for Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in 25 counties! In conservative estimate, a female cat can have 3 litters per year, with an average of 5 kittens per litter.

Assuming 50% of the cats are female, we’ve reduced the cat population by 348 x 3 x 5 = 5,220 cats in just one year! The number is staggering and shows just how important it is to TNR early in the year.

5,220 is a Big Number. Let’s Focus on Just One.

As part of our Winter Cats Project, Pet Friendly Services collaborated with CanINE Express Transport Project and Feral Cat Friends to fix cats from Monroe and Owen counties. 139 cats were fixed in January and February – one of those cats was Clover.

After trapping her, volunteers discovered that Clover was not a feral cat and had previously been owned. She had been abandoned, and left outside to fend for herself.

Clover’s story has a happy ending! She was transported to the Humane Society of Hobart, where she was quickly adopted by a young couple to her forever home.

Breaking the Cycle: Shy’s Puppies

Shy was pregnant when she was found, cold and alone. While in foster care at Speedway Animal Rescue, she gave birth to seven ADORABLE puppies.

To help break the cycle of unwanted litters, Pet Friendly Services will fix ALL of Shy’s puppies (when they’re old enough, of course!) as well as Shy, making sure this litter is her last.

Shy’s puppies have just started to open their eyes. They will be adoptable from Speedway Animal Rescue in a few weeks.

Updates on Tennessee Dogs

Last month, we asked for your help with a tragic situation unfolding in Tennessee. Over 250 dogs were rescued from an animal abuse situation and were in desperate need of help. Indiana rescue groups took 80 of these dogs.

The process to fix all of the Tennessee dogs is underway! These dogs are part of an animal abuse case, so many remain on a court hold and are not yet adoptable.

Most importantly, while they wait to find their forever homes, they are safe. Great Babies Rescue and Tails & Trails Rescue will give them the loving care they deserve until the court hold is removed.

Your Support Makes All the Difference

Our donors make everything possible! Pet Friendly Services receives no government funding. All of the animals we help rely solely on donations, grants, and sales of the Pet Friendly License Plate. Every donation makes a difference!