Newsletter: March Madness, Without the Balls

March Madness, Without the Balls

..or so we hope!

Two things are certain in March: everyone will be talking about basketball, and cats will have kittens. “Kitten season” is upon us, and it can get scary!

Spay/Neuter is the only way to address pet overpopulation at the source! Your donations stay 100% in Indiana and make a difference for shelter pets, community cats, and the people who love them. A single surgery can save multiple lives down the road. Please help us help them!

Kitten Season Combat: The FIX is IN!

The only way to combat kitten season is through spay/neuter, and “The FIX is IN” is on a roll! This unique partnership with Public Vet is making an incredible impact around our state. Many areas have limited or no access to veterinary care, let alone spay/neuter. By reaching these areas in their time of need we’re bringing essential care and holding off the pet population at the same time.

How Can You Help?

Share this Facebook post! We need help to spread the word. Let people know when and where The FIX is IN! will be so we can fill the clinics and fix more cats – every clinic can fix up to 130 cats!

Here’s where THE FIX is IN! will be next, to make an appointment, visit www.pub.vet.

Will you fall for Domino?

Domino was found wandering the streets of Speedway. Skin and bones were no match for winter weather! But thanks to Speedway Animal Rescue, he’s grown into a 40-pound, happy, bubbly boy! Sadly, he’s received little interest from adopters, and no one can figure out why!

Do you know someone who could fall for Domino? Could you? Let’s find someone who can love him for life! For information on Domino, contact Speedway Animal Rescue.

When you support Pet Friendly Services, you help dogs like Domino! We provide free spay/neuter surgeries for shelters and rescues, making pets adoption-ready. Your donations make a difference!

Questions about Adoption?

Do you have questions about pet adoption, or know someone who does? With over 300 animal rescues and shelters in Indiana, it can be overwhelming! Pet Friendly Services has a guide to help you find your new bets friend! Indiana rescues and shelters have pets in every shape, size, color and pattern. You’re sure to find exactly the pet you’re looking for!

Support for Cats in Southern Indiana

Alley Cat Advocates is facing kitten season head-on in Southern Indiana. Pet Friendly Services has provided spay/neuter vouchers for community cats, so they can they can be fixed at no cost to their caretakers.

Many outdoor cats survive because a loving person refuses to allow them to suffer. They provide for cats from the goodness of their heart, but might not have the means to pay for a spay/neuter surgery. Allowing them to fix these outdoor cats for free makes cats healthier, humans happier, and stops them from reproducing!

Transportation is Available: Help Spread the Word!

Need to fix your pets? Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic has a transport schedule for many areas of the state. They will pick up your pets, spay/neuter, and return them to you!

Appointments are Required: Call 317-675-0072 to schedule and learn more.

Prices for cats are $35-$40, outdoor cat packages are $42-$55, Dogs range from $45-$85, vaccines are also available. Check the website for more detailsYou can see all of the dates for March and April on this Facebook Post.

Carmel Road Racing Group Loves Dogs!

Carmel Road Racing Group loves supporting animal rescues, shelters, and Pet Friendly Services! They donate funds through events, help transport dogs, host several pet friendly events every year, and, of course, they have a Pet Friendly License Plate!

You can support a local business that gives back by participating in their upcoming event, the Carmel Marathon Weekend on Saturday, April 9! A Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K events are available. www.carmelmarathon.com

*Carmel Road Racing Group’s support of Pet Friendly Services allows us to fix an additional 12 large dogs per year. Interested in becoming a sponsor?  Email rhi@PetFriendlyServices.org

Get The Pet Friendly Plate!


Save lives while you drive with the Pet Friendly Plate! Every penny goes directly to spaying and neutering cats and dogs. Visit PetFriendlyPlate.org to learn more.

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