August Newsletter: Moose, Linus, and Gena say Thank You!

Indiana’s Cats and Dogs are Living Better Lives – Thanks to you!

Thank you for driving with the Pet Friendly Plate and financially supporting our lifesaving work!

Success stories like the ones below are only possible because of the thoughtful, considerate actions taken by Hoosiers who love animals. Thank you for helping us help them!

Your support saves lives and helps end the needless suffering of cats and dogs in Indiana. Thank you!

Pet Friendly Services at the Indiana State Fair!

Thanks to our friends at Tom Wood Group, Pet Friendly Services was out and about at opening day of the Indiana State Fair!

We spent the day chatting with Hoosiers about their pets, the Pet Friendly License Plate, and how we can all work together to save lives. Thank you to our volunteers and board members who helped staff our booth, and to everyone who stopped by!

Rescue Feature: CAnine REscue (CARE)

Gena and her puppies


You’re looking at two lucky dogs: Gena and Linus!

Gena came to CARE with her three puppies. She was heartworm positive and had to undergo stressful treatment. Now that she’s spayed (with help from Pet Friendly Services!) she can get healthy and find a wonderful family in the near future! Best of all, she won’t have to worry about having more puppies! All of Gena’s puppies have already found wonderful homes, and she will be available for adoption after she has fully recovered from her treatment.

Linus is 9 years old and is a big baby! He came to the rescue with a tumor on his leg that had to be removed, and he was neutered at the same time with a Pet Friendly Services certificate. Linus is currently enjoying his remaining years in sanctuary with CARE.

Rescues often take on animals with complicated, expensive vetting needs. Having assistance with spay/neuter costs from Pet Friendly Services allows rescues to focus their limited funds on the cases that need it most. This helps them save even more lives!

Interested in one of CARE’s adoptable dogs or cats? Visit their Petfinder page! CARE is located in Jasonville (Greene County).

If you’re interested in finding a forever friend of your own elsewhere in Indiana, check out our Pet Friendly Adoption Guide, which will connect you to more than 300 rescue groups and shelters across the state. Visit www.AdoptINpets.org

There’s a Moose on the Roof!

Moose the cat is living his best life now that he’s been neutered, vaccinated, and eartipped thanks to Pet Friendly Services and Community Cats of Hamilton County!

Like most community cats, Moose “just showed up” one day in his caretaker’s backyard. He was skittish for months but eventually decided to trust his new humans and now enjoys being petted and affectionately scratched behind his ears.

Community cat programs prevent shelter intake by keeping cats on their home turf, under the care of “colony caretakers”. Did you know that Pet Friendly Services of Indiana provides Community Cat groups with 25 FREE spay/neuter certificates per year? It’s a win-win for cats and shelters!

“The FIX is IN!” will Visit 11 Counties, Including Union County!

A few weeks ago, a concerned cat lover, Frances, reached out to Pet Friendly Services to see if and when a FIX is IN! clinic would be coming to Union County. With no clinic scheduled in that area, Pet Friendly Services worked with Public Vet and Frances to secure a location for a clinic on August 29th. Frances has gone the extra mile and has offered to help with promoting the clinic and funding a number of surgeries. Talk about going the extra mile for cats in need!

If your community is in need of a clinic, and you can assist with funding, finding a location and helping spread the word – please reach out by contacting us at info@PetFriendlyServices.org.

The Fix is IN! clinics are critical to increasing access to spay/neuter, and fixing cats that would otherwise not receive these important surgeries.

Pet Friendly Services provides financial assistance on a case by case basis, thanks to donations and people like you who drive with the Pet Friendly Plate!

Here’s where The FIX is IN! will be next. To make an appointment, visit Public Vet’s website

- Sponsor Spotlight - Carmel Road Racing Group Loves Dogs!

Carmel Road Racing Group loves supporting animal rescues, shelters, and Pet Friendly Services! They donate funds through events, help transport dogs, host several pet friendly events every year, and, of course, they have a Pet Friendly License Plate!

You can support a local business that gives back by participating in their upcoming event, the Fair on the Square Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K

Interested in Becoming a Sponsor?

*Carmel Road Racing Group’s support of Pet Friendly Services allows us to fix an additional 12 large dogs per year. If you’d like to save lives by becoming a sponsor, we’d love to connect with you.  Email rhi@PetFriendlyServices.org

Save Lives While You Drive!

The Pet Friendly License Plate is Indiana’s solution to pet overpopulation! Driving with this specialty plate provides thousands of free spay/neuter surgeries to rescue groups and shelters across the state, saving lives and preventing suffering.

Together, we can save lives and ensure every pet has a a loving home!