April 2021 Newsletter: A Van Full of Cats and Nowhere To Go!

Team Cat Vs. Team Dog – Just a Few Days Left!

The game is still on! Team Dog currently leads but Team Cat is making a comeback! Will the undercat win?

For every $500 raised, we’ll be selecting a winner to receive a Team Cat or Team Dog hat. Choose your team and donate today – every donation helps dogs and cats in need!
This contest will conclude on Monday, April 5th.

The FIX is IN! – New Clinic Dates

“The FIX is IN!” is on the move! Public Vet has upcoming clinics in Warsaw, Richmond, Evansville, and Huntingburg. With the help of Pet Friendly Services, Public Vet is able to provide financial assistance to families that otherwise could not afford to fix their cats. Assistance is also available for feral and free-roaming cats

If you live in these areas and need to get them fixed, be sure to schedule your appointment with Public Vet. You can do this online. Don’t delay, as the schedule fills up quickly. The clinics are for cats only due to the limited size of their mobile unit.

If you’re able to help us help animals, a donation of just $25 will help a cat in need!

Good News From Around the State!

Dogs On the Move

Pet Friendly Services is pledging to help dogs in need. Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) identifies dogs in their care that are not thriving in the shelter and would benefit from time in foster care before finding a forever home. 

Pet Friendly Services helps make them “adoption ready” by covering their spay/neuter surgery, allowing them to get the second chance they deserve!

Brownstown Veterinary Clinic Saves the Day!

We’d like to celebrate Dr. Kristin Tormoehlen and Dr. Bonnie Vogle of Browsntown Veterinary Clinic as true animal welfare rock stars! The Big Fix of Jackson County and Columbus Animal Care Services have been hard at work with TNR this spring in Bartholomew and Jackson counties, and last weekend was no different. They had 40 cats trapped and ready to be transported (by another animal welfare rock star – Cathi Eagen & CanINE Express) to the SPOT Spay/Neuter Clinic in Terre Haute for surgeries. But at 3:30am Sunday morning, Cathi got the news that the SPOT Clinic was shutting down and wouldn’t be able to do the surgeries scheduled for the next day.

Unsure of what to do, and with many trapped cats, Cathi called the emergency line at Brownstown Vet Clinic on Sunday morning. Dr. Tormoehlen returned the call within minutes, agreeing to call in staff on a day when they would normally be closed. All 40 cats were fixed!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who stepped in when animals needed help!

The Kokomo Humane Society Hits Highest Live Release Rate Ever

Great news from Kokomo! The Kokomo Humane Society set a record in 2020, with a live release rate of 94%. This is an incredible increase from a rate of 37% just 11 years ago. A big contributor to their success is due to Kokomo Community Cats, as their work has drastically decreased intake.

Spay-Neuter works! When animal-loving organizations work together, great things can be achieved

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Download the Community Cat Guide

Is your city or town in need of a community cat program, but you don’t know where to start? Begin by checking our our Community Cat Guide and sharing it with your elected officials. If you need assistance, contact us at info@PetFriendlyServices.org, and we’ll help you.


Gwendolyn Dubay was a mom, sister, grandmother, aunt, and friend. She always took care of those in need, whether they had 2 legs or 4. Gwen had a passion for rescuing dogs and spent her weekends transporting them to their forever homes. Gwen passed peacefully in her sleep in her Zionsville home she loved so dearly. Her adventurous, generous, and loving spirit will be missed by all that had the pleasure of knowing her. 

Your Support Makes All the Difference

Our donors make everything possible! Pet Friendly Services receives no government funding. All of the animals we help rely solely on donations, grants, and sales of the Pet Friendly License Plate. Every donation makes a difference!