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There’s A Movement Afoot

There's Movement Afoot
You are inspiring a movement! You have placed your support and trust in Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI), and we are working to save every life. It takes a team to make great things happen, and we are honored to have you as a valued member.
Indiana’s cats and dogs are trusting us to help them. They are trusting us to bring them the joy of life. What could ever be more important?
To save lives, we are spaying and neutering to prevent the birth of thousands of puppies and kittens that would overwhelm our shelters and would be unable to find loving homes. For decades, we have struggled with too few homes for too many animals. Not anymore! SNSI is changing the norm by moving Indiana shelters to zero kill (90% live release rate or higher.) And we’re doing this on a very tight budget. Did you know that our average surgery cost is just $57 per animal? Compare that to the cost of sheltering, which ranges from $250 – $900 per animal. Your money goes so much further and addresses the root cause of overpopulation when you team up with SNSI. When you make a gift to SNSI, you are helping every Indiana shelter. SNSI provides free spay/neuter surgery certificates to nearly 300 shelters and rescue groups. Our funding eases their financial burden, but even more importantly, we are preventing shelter overpopulation, which is an additional gift to every shelter. Fewer animals helps them succeed and place the animals already in their care.
The Proof is in the Pudding
Animals are leaving shelters alive! Adoption rates are increasing because your support funds spay/neuter surgeries. This makes animals “adoption ready” and allows rescue organizations to take more shelter animals into their care.Shelter directors are thrilled to report ever-increasing Live Release Rates! Look at where they were and how far they’ve come:Other shelters are experiencing life-saving success as well! Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control has doubled their live release rate in just four years. And the Vanderburgh Humane Society has decreased euthanasia by 85% since 2008.
There’s a movement afoot!It’s just a matter of time until every Indiana shelter becomes zero kill. Your support is saving lives and preventing suffering! Here are a few stories of animals that are safe and warm because of you!
 Queen Elizabeth and her puppies were dumped in a forested area, hungry, cold, confused and infested with ticks. The starving and sick mother was unable to produce milk to feed her puppies. Hope Haven Canine Rescue swung into action, taking mama to the vet for urgent care and bottle feeding the puppies while they grew.“We had to invest a lot to save the mother and her six newborns. With the free certificates from SNSI, we were able to spay and neuter the entire family!” – Hope Haven Canine Rescue
Mr. Gus was roaming in the county, when a concerned cat lover spotted him and called Ambassadors for God’s Creatures for help. Gus had a horrific eye injury, likely from a coyote attack. Gus lost his eye, but not his life! Gus was adopted by a couple who have a huge farm and is now enjoying the good life, chasing mice and cuddling with his new family.“Our organization has been blessed by the support of SNSI for our work in Madison County.” – Ambassadors for God’s Creatures
 Perla is a busy mom. When her neighbor gave her a dog, she couldn’t refuse. The children were so excited! She stopped by SNSI’s office to ask how we could help. Funding for a surgery was out of her budget, but she knew she had to have her dog spayed. Perla used our SNAP program, where income-qualified pet lovers pay just $25.“Thank you so much for your help. I am glad Fluffy is spayed and won’t have puppies.” – Perla
Your gift makes wonderful things happen! Animals that are fixed are ready to go to their forever homes. They are safe, warm and loved – because of you!Thank you for your ongoing support that helps provide a happy ending for thousands of Indiana animals.