September 2020 E-News

What’s New?

We’re continuing to find opportunities to make a difference! This month we have success stories, upcoming events and a chance to make YOUR pet famous in one of our campaigns!

Through your donations and support of the Pet Friendly Plate we’re meeting the challenges of 2020 and continuing our mission to make Indiana a zero-kill state. Your ongoing support helps us continue to save lives!


Cheri Storms 
Executive Director

Pet Friendly Services of Indiana


Help Us Spread the Word!

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Do you have a customized Pet Friendly plate? Does your motorcycle, truck or RV have the Pet Friendly plate? 

Please share a photo of your plate (and your pet) by emailing it to Rhi at rhi@HumaneServicesIN.org. We’ll feature your photos in our upcoming campaign to promote this life-saving plate and the animal lovers who are moving Indiana to zero kill! 

Save The Date! Tom Wood Adoption Event on October 10.



Tom Wood Subaru, the ASPCA, the Humane Society of Hamilton County and Pet Friendly Services are teaming up to help animals! Join us for a special adoption event from 11am – 2pm on Saturday, October 10th at the dealership (3300 E. 96th Street, Indianapolis.) Come meet adoptable cats and dogs!

Free vaccine vouchers are available to the first 25 visitors (limit 1 per family) and a free lunch will be served! This event will be outdoors and observe social distancing.

Speedway Animal Rescue’s “Sales-Suds & Shopping!”




You can support Speedway Animal Rescue at their yard sale and dog/car wash event on Saturday, September 26 form 10 AM – 3 PM at St Andrews Lutheran Church.

Their fundraising efforts will be supported by our Pet Friendly Plate Sponsorship Pilot Program and we’ll be matching every $100 raised with a spay/neuter certificate for the rescue (up to 10). Click Here For More Information.

It’s Almost Time For Treat Your Tails!




Need a discounted spay/neuter surgery, but you don’t qualify for our SNAP program? You’re in luck! During the month of October, many of our participating vets perform discounted surgeries for those who need help getting them fixed.

We are currently working on our list of participating vets. We’ll post the October Treat Your Tails voucher on our website in mid to late-September.


Pet Friendly Services in Action!

How We’re Making a Difference:

Finding A Way Home: Trooper, Speedway Animal Rescue


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Here’s a story of how our incredible animal welfare network works together to save a life!

Trooper is an 11-month old German Shepherd/Husky puppy that was found on the side of the road in Oklahoma after being thrown from a car.

A good Samaritan (who happened to be making the drive from Las Vegas to Indianapolis) with the help of an Oklahoma State Trooper rushed him to a local veterinarian, only to be told she would have to pay for his treatment upfront or he could be euthanized. She made the incredible decision to make him comfortable and drive through the night and take him to Noah’s Emergency Hospital ASAP.

Noah’s searched for someone who could care for Trooper, and Speedway Animal Rescue came to his aid. They placed him in foster care where he was on crate rest 6-8 weeks prior to his surgery.

We’re happy to report that Trooper made an incredible recovery and has been fixed (with help from Pet Friendly Services.) He’s even found his furever home with his foster family, who loved him too much to ever let him go. Your donations make more stories like Trooper’s possible!

Marley the Friendly Feral: CARE in Bartholomew County




2020 has quickly become ‘the year of the cat’ and things are no different in Bartholomew County. Julie Robbins, a TNR volunteer with CARE in Columbus recently contacted us for help with a particularly daunting situation.

A mobile home park in Hope, Indiana, was struggling to control a cat colony reported to have nearly 30 cats! Julie and her team have trapped-neutered-returned (TNR) 21 cats so far, thinking they only had 9 more to go. But they quickly realized there were another 20 cats plus several kittens.

One kitten, Marley, was very sweet, but struggling (he’s the black and white kitten in the photos). Turns out that he had a hernia, which was fixed while he was neutered. This lucky little guy is now in foster care, awaiting his forever home. Your donations to Pet Friendly Services have made this possible!

This story has another hero – a cat-loving park owner. He’s working to improve the park and understands that a TNR program can be a vital part of that process, even offering to build shelters for the cats to keep them safely out of the elements. An understanding owner can make all the difference in a situation like this one!

Julie will continue to TNR and we will keep supporting the critical need for spay/neuter surgeries. Your support will make sure this work continues uninterrupted and continues to save lives!

You can support our ongoing efforts by donating to the Fix is IN! Crisis Relief Fund which is providing relief to the animal welfare network impacted by COVID-19. Your donations make it possible for us to meet this ongoing need!


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To Rachel Vaughn in memory of Ghost, scary in size and voice but loving and sweet to his family – From Brock Vaughn