SNSI Rebrands To Pet Friendly Services: What’s New? What Isn’t?

We have exciting news to share! Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana (SNSI) is rebranding and has become Pet Friendly Services of Indiana.  

But we love SNSI, why change the name?

Thank you for loving SNSI and being a part of our life-saving team! While we love SNSI, we’ve outgrown our old name, as it implies that we only do spay and neuter. The fact is, we’ve been doing more to help animals: education via the Indiana Animal Welfare Conference and legislative work are two examples. We have more projects in the works that we will roll out soon!

Additionally, Spay-Neuter Services of Indiana is a mouthful. When we table at events, people don’t know what we’re saying when we introduce our organization. “SNSI” has become our go-to name, but people must be “in the know” to understand that acronym. We’ve been called everything from “Cinci” to “The Spay and Neuter Society”.

Lastly, it’s a little confusing. People frequently think we are a spay/neuter clinic. Adults that have adopted pets that are already fixed sometimes ask the difference between spay and neuter. Unless you’ve had a pet fixed, the words don’t carry a lot of meaning.

Why Pet Friendly Services?

Our new name keeps two of the words in our original name and shortens our name. The magic is that this new, shorter name represents an expanded scope of work. 

What stays the same at Pet Friendly Services?

  1. Our work and dedication to Indiana’s cats and dogs
  2. Financial support to nearly 300 shelters and rescue groups through the Pet Friendly Plate Program and the Community Cat Program
  3. $25 program to limited-income pet owners
  4. Protection of Indiana’s cats and dogs through statewide legislation
  5. Education to shelters and rescue groups via the Indiana Animal Welfare Conference
  6. Fiscal responsibility to motorists who purchase the #5 selling specialty license plate, and to our donors and grant funders

What can I do to help spread the word?

Please share our social media posts and our new Pet Friendly license plate marketing widget. If you have a website, please include it!  Please link the image to www.PetFriendlyPlate.org!

Thank you!

Thank you for your shared love of animals and the trust and faith you place in our organization to move Indiana to zero kill and beyond. We are honored to have your support as you help us help them.

Love Them For Life