January 2020 Newsletter: 276 Cats Assisted in Just 2 Days!

Thank You To Our Donors!

2020 was a challenging year, but our supporters still came through for Indiana’s cats and dogs. Your support for our year-end drive means we will be able to help even more animals in 2021. We’re getting started just in time! By spaying and neutering early in the year, we’ll be able to get out ahead of “kitten season” and make a measurable difference in how many animals end up overcrowding shelters. They wouldn’t be saved without your help. Thank you.

“Sorry it isn’t much. I’m a college student.” This heartwarming donation means so much. Every dollar counts!

If you still wish to make a donation, you’re in luck! Your donation will be matched and make twice the impact!

Winter Cat Program Now Underway

Last month we announced that we have pledged $50,000 for our winter Cats Program, and we kicked off the program by partnering with Public Vet. Public Vet is a traveling veterinary clinic that works to identify communities in need of access to low-cost spay/neuter. Cat owners/caretakers are asked to pay for services, but sometimes that isn’t possible. That’s where Pet Friendly Services steps in to meet the need!

In December we were able to help 276 cats at a project in Starke County. According Dr. Peavy, the Executive Director of Public Vet, “Many of those cats would not have gotten fixed without Pet Friendly Services’ intervention.

Cat owners traveled from more than 30 cities and towns in NW Indiana to access these lifesaving surgeries. Dr. Peavey also said that when a cat owner expressed financial concerns, “They often ask for much less than expected in assistance and gladly pay for most of the cost.” These owners care deeply for their cats and want to give them happy, healthy lives. Pet Friendly Services is pleased to be able to make that possible. We have more plans to assist Public Vet with some of their upcoming projects. Stay tuned!


Did you know if cats and dogs aren’t fixed in February, they can be parents by May? You can help prevent unwanted litters AND show someone you care by purchasing candies and sweets from our Terri Lynn fundraising page. A portion of every purchase helps us help Indiana’s cats and dogs!

February Program Update

Due to ongoing veterinary shortages caused by COVID-19, we will not be able to offer our Have a Heart program in February 2021. If you need help getting them fixed, please check to see if you’re eligible for our SNAP program.

Also see of our list of nonprofit clinics which serve all clients (you’ll find them highlighted in green font), regardless of income. Many of them run transport programs to other counties – some as far as 90 miles away. Some clinics are mobile, and may be in a town near you.

Effortless Giving with Kroger!

Save animals when you buy groceries! All you have to do is register your Kroger Plus Card with Kroger’s Community Rewards, and select us as your non-profit to support. Kroger will donate a percentage of your purchases to Pet Friendly Services. Sign in or create your Kroger account here. Our non-profit number is NI543 – you will still find us listed under “Spay Neuter Services of Indiana”.

Good News For Dogs In Need

Prosecuting cases of dog abuse is critical to supporting animal welfare. The Association of Prosecuting Attorneys has recently founded a National Dog Abuse Investigation and Prosecution Assistance Program. The program’s goal is to provide prosecutors with the resources to ensure that canine cruelty and dogfighting cases are investigated and adjudicated. Costs related to dog abuse cases that can include, but are not limited to, (1) costs of care; (2) necropsies and forensic evidence analysis; and (3) expert witness fees. If you have cases pending, bring this to the attention of your local prosecutor. Learn more here.