August 2021 Newsletter: Lives Saved & More Help On The Way!

August Updates: Lives Saved & More Help On The Way!

Last week, we asked for your help with fixing 14 dogs that were confiscated from a horrific animal abuse case in Muncie – and you answered the call! Thanks to our donors, we’ll be able to fund the spay/neuter surgeries for all of these dogs, now in the care of Muncie Animal Care Services. Your support has given them a second chance!

We also asked you to help when an elderly woman was overwhelmed with cats being abandoned in her backyard. Thanks to your support, we’re able to fix these cats so the cycle of reproduction doesn’t continue.

Your generous donations ensure we can say “Yes” when rescues ask for help. Thank you for helping us help them!

 Pull – Foster – Adopt – Repeat!

When stray dogs enter a shelter with medical emergencies, the odds are stacked against them. Many municipal shelters do not have the resources to devote to the weeks of treatment and recovery they may need. That’s where rescues come in! They pull dogs from overcrowded shelters, take care of their medical needs, and get them ready for forever homes. Pull-Foster-Adopt-Repeat works! Cole’s story is an example of how it can save lives.

Cole came in to Indianapolis Animal Care Services as a stray and tested positive for Canine parvovirus. The virus is highly contagious, so most animals without rescue assistance are euthanized.

Fortunately, Every Dog Counts Rescue was able to pull Cole and give him a second chance.

After 7 days in the ICU, Cole was released to a foster home. He has since spent his time making up for all the time he had lost while he was sick. He loves wrestling with his foster siblings, giving big sloppy kisses, and snuggling up for the occasional snooze on the couch with his foster family.

Cole’s journey to his forever home was a team effort led by Every Dog Counts! He was also a recipient of the Moore Life Medical Fund Grant (available only to dogs pulled from IACS) from Indy’s Voice 4 Animals, and his neuter was paid for by Pet Friendly Services.

When you drive with the Pet Friendly License Plate, you help dogs like Cole! Thank you for helping us help them!

Partner Rescue Highlight: Springs Valley Pet Services

Springs Valley Pet Services is an all-volunteer rescue covering the West Baden and French Lick areas. Since 2016, they have worked tirelessly to stabilize the homeless pet population by providing direct spay-neuter assistance. As a result, they have helped spay or neuter over 2,000 animals across multiple counties, transporting many into communities equipped with specialized healthcare and abundant adoption opportunities.

To see their adoptable animals and learn how you can help, visit their Facebook Page.

Need Help? The FIX is IN!

We’re continuing to support Hoosiers who need help fixing their cats by providing financial assistance at Public Vet clinics with The FIX is IN! fund!

Public Vet’s upcoming clinic locations include:

  • August 6 – Vermillion/Parke County
  • August 7 – Terre Haute (Full)
  • August 8 – Monroe County
  • August 9 – Montgomery County
  • August 13 – Monroe County
  • August 14 – LaPorte County
  • August 15 – St Joseph County
  • September 11 & 12 – Porter County

To see all clinic dates and to make an appointment, visit Public Vet’s website.

Thanks to your support, we’re helped fix over 2,000 cats in need! Our donors are making success stories like this one possible, and truly making a difference for cats and the people who love them.

Transportation is Available!

Organizations across the state are working in partnership with high-quality, low-cost clinics to ensure transportation isn’t a barrier to getting them fixed. If you need help accessing spay/neuter services, be sure to check out the following options to learn about the Transport Partners and the many counties they cover to get pets to and from these clinics.

Pet Friendly Business Feature: 10th Street Diner

Did you know that 10th Street Diner is totally vegan – AND Pet Friendly! Check them out and bring your dog along if you’re dining outside!

See our full list of Pet Friendly Businesses at www.PetFriendlyServices.org/business

Three Ways You Can Help

Support Animals While You Shop

You can help animals by registering your Kroger Plus Card and selecting Pet Friendly Services. A portion of your purchases will help cats and dogs, with no cost to you!

Pet Friendly Services’ non-profit organization (NPO) number is NI543. You’ll need to know this when you register. Click here for more information.

Get The Pet Friendly Plate!


Save lives while you drive with the Pet Friendly Plate! Every penny goes directly to spaying and neutering cats and dogs. Visit PetFriendlyPlate.org to learn more.

Pet Plate - Fix Em

Donate: Your Support Makes All the Difference

Our donors make wonderful things possible! Pet Friendly Services receives no government funding. All of the animals we help rely solely on donations, grants, and sales of the Pet Friendly License Plate. Every donation makes a difference!

Read Our Annual Report

Our annual report is now available. Check out the progress your support has made for Indiana animals over the past decade!